Thank you for the most wonderful dog!

I have a chocolate brown standard poodle named Kenzi from the Maddy/Cooper 2011 litter. My little girl was the tiniest but with Dona and Tony's great care they nurtured her to a strong little puppy. She is now a 45+ pound big girl that stands at about 24.5 inches at the withers. She is a beautifully well-mannered and intelligent dog. She was so easy to train!

Almost as soon as I was able to take Kenzi home from the litter in Gig Harbor, she traveled with me back to school in Pullman, WA where I attend Washington State University. Kenzi joined me as my roommate along with my cat and we have lived and studied at WSU for the past year. Everyone who meets her is just amazed at her beautiful chocolate brown coloring and her incredibly sweet temperament.

I chose Harbor Poodles as my breeder because I was aware of the care and attention to health details that Dona & Tony take with their dogs. The pups are truly "home bred" and socialized which made it easy for me to have Kenzi join my lifestyle at college with lots of new faces and friends.

We will graduate this year but these last two years with my dog have meant so much to me and I look forward to my new teaching career and life. I know my world will grow with new people and that is why i choose a standard poodle to be a part of my growing world; they get along with everyone and adapt so well to new situations.

Thank you again, Dona & Tony...and Maddy!
Abby O'Brien & Kenzi

Abby & Kenzi

Gingersnap Noel from Daphne's last litter:

I got my girl, Gingersnap Noel, from Dona and Tony in November 2007. It has been a wonderful experience. Their dogs are very well cared for and loved from the moment they come into this world. My Girl Ginger is beautiful, healthy, and has a wonderful temperment. Dona and Tony really care about their dogs and have been there for me when I had question, or just wanted to talk poodles. As breeders they are very responsible, doing all health testing, making sure their girls have the best diet, and plenty of attention. We could not be happier with Ginger she is a big part of our family, a good traveler, and very social. We take her everywhere with us, and she charmes everyone she meets.

Lynne Grivas

 Gingersnap Noel 2

Hi Tony and Dona.  Just a note to let you know that Reggie is doing great!  He's had a busy first week with us -- to the vet who pronounced him very fit, as well as walks around the neighborhood and exploring the backyard.  He's also met his next door neighbor, Molly the Golden Retriever puppy who is just a week older.  They had a great romp in the backyard.  About the same color, but he is significantly bigger than Molly.  Will be interesting to see them grow up together.
He is also getting along fine with one of our Dandies, the three year old Katie.  They have lots of good chase games and I think Katie is genuinely happy to have someone to play with and go on walks together.  She's returned to some of her forgotten puppy moves.  The other Dandie, Peaches, however wants to ignore Reggie and be left alone.  I think we told you that she has had glucoma, and lost one eye already to the disease.  I'm not so sure she sees very well out of the remaining eye either.  So she retreats to her chair when the two younger ones want to play.  Reggie seems to sense that she is best left alone.
Reggie is nearly house trained, so that was an easy job.  He goes to the back door when he wants out.  Don is referring to him as a "genius" puppy!
We are so pleased with Reggie and again, thank you for a great dog.  Feel free to visit us anytime of course.

Dear Mom (Cali):

Happy Mother’s Day from your smartest, liveliest, most beautiful, and most loving daughter!  You taught me so well how to be a good girl.  In case you don’t remember, I was the one with the green ribbon around my neck, and may have been a royal pain in your neck!

I have learned how to retrieve anything that is thrown for me, and I can catch tennis balls out of mid-air.  I am just starting to learn how to catch a soft Frisbee.  My family adores me, and I return the love.  I really hate it when everyone leaves for the day, and I am stuck at home with Kate.  She takes good care of me, but there is only one of her.  I recognize the sound of Rich’s car entering the driveway, and I jump for joy when he and the girls come in the door.

There are a few furry cats in this house, but we respect each other and each other’s space.  My motto is “If you want to play, I am ready to go; but if you don’t want to play right now, I will eagerly wait until you are ready to!”

They feed me really good food here, and I am very healthy.  They also take me to the Beauty Parlor every three weeks.  I just love being so pretty!  In a few months, Kate will let me have a big-girl haircut, and I will send you a picture.

Your loving daughter,
Azalea (Harbor’s Renea’s Golden Apricot)

This is one of Cali's pups...she's a real water dog!

Cali's water pup

Sherlock welcoming a new member to the family!


Coco in Branson, Missouri enjoying a rare snow day!