Welcome to Harbor Poodles, where we specialize in red standard poodles.  We are located in the quaint fishing village of Gig Harbor, Washington.

After retiring we had time to get involved in agility with our first poodle, Daphne.  We enjoyed interacting with her so much and appreciated the intelligence she showed that we decided to breed poodles.  Our poodles are very much a part of our family.  They have their own spot on our bed, we take them to parks, walks through trails, and go on road trips.

We take great pride in the health of our poodles.  The way we try to insure good health is by making sure both parents are tested for health and genetic issues.  We also make sure their diet is of the best quality possible.

Poodles can be trained for many purposes: competing in conformation, hunting, service and therapy, agility, rally obedience, and even herding.  They may also be your best friend.  We breed occasionally, selectively, and adhere to the standard poodle breed standard in order to maintain these qualities plus temperament and a low COI (Coefficient of inbreeding).

Our puppies are home raised and are exposed to household noises, children, other dogs, friends, and family. All of these factors greatly help in socializing them.